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The road trip : a novel
The postmistress of Paris : a novel
Over my dead body : a novel
Game on : tempting twenty-eight
Oh William! : a novel
Better off dead : a novel
Fear no evil
Still life : a novel
The last chance library
Down the hatch
Never : a novel
The husbands
Dear Santa : a novel
The judge
The book of magic
Reprieve : a novel
These precious days : essays
The wish book Christmas
While we were dating
Murder at Kensington Palace
Three sisters
Silverview : a novel
Mercy : an Atlee Pine thriller
Enemy at the gates
The perfect ruin
Dead dead girls
The devil
On animals
The Lincoln Highway : a novel
The Christmas wedding guest
The butler : a novel
The Santa suit : a novel
The sentence : a novel
The dark hours
The chosen and the beautiful
Lightning strike
The ballad of Laurel Springs
Dear Miss Metropolitan
Last girl ghosted
Dog eat dog
Foul play